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Derek Willis, Isaac Humphries, Mychal Mulder Signing In Owensboro – Exclusive Interviews

Willis, Humphries, Mulder – Signing 2017

Owensboro, Kentucky got meet Derek Willis, Isaac Humphries and Mychal Mulder today for a signing at the Wildcat Wearhouse. All three guys were super nice and the crowd was loud and proud representing #BBN. Sometimes we forget these are kids, it’s nice that they take their time to make some kids(and adults)smile and have some fun on an overcast Saturday afternoon. Check out the video below featuring our very own @KYCrazyAaron.

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New Blog Writer Gives His Run Down of Game Day vs. Mississippi State


Last season my Dad decided that he wanted to make a tradition of us men(My sons, brother and he and I) all going to a UK football game each season. Alabama St was the game last year because we knew it was one we should win and we did. The temps were freezing but we stayed til the end! This season we chose the Miss St game because again, we thought this was a game we had a good chance of winning. While nobody ever expected Miss St to reach a #1 ranking we still felt a win could be had!

       LSU was a disaster last week but that was in hostile territory and in front of 100,000+ fans who had no plans to leave with their heads shaking. Miss St was coming to Commonwealth Stadium and this UK team needed to make a statement on National TV. I believe they did but sadly in a loss.
       The Cats received the ball first and hoped to make an impressive first drive but failed to do so and to top it off Miss St marched the ball right down the field for a score. UK quickly answered with a huge play from WR Robinson  for a 67yrd TD to tie the game and the huge crowd was right back in the game. Going into halftime down 17-10 was great considering how this was one of the worst tackling exhibitions i have seen. UK failed to wrap up with the first hit and never seemed to rally to the ball and provide any help. This led to several long plays that in the end was to much to overcome. The Cats stayed competitive mainly on the back of Patrick Towels who had by far his best game at UK. 390 yds passing and another 76 rushing proved that he can play against anyone. Miss ST has the leadin Heisman candidate in Prescott and  maybe the best D line we will see and the running game never really had much luck and being without Boom Williams surely didn’t help.The lack of tackling and a few dropped passes spelled doom in a game UK had many chances to win. Down 7 with 2 mins to go with an onside kick looming gave us hope but was quickly taken away when the kick failed to take the big, high bounce we usually see and ended up being a line drive right to a Miss St player that ran it all the way back.Game over 45-31!
        We need to thank Miss St for giving us another bit of hope. If they can reach #1, WHY NOT US? They were unranked to start the season and historically not much different than UK. In year two of Stoops if the season was over now with 5 wins would you be happy? I know I would and I am very pleased with what I have seen. YES, I want more wins now and we may or may not get them but to me the season is already a success. Take a look at the roster and how it is loaded with youth. Youth that is sensing what  they can become and proving to us that they wont quit on us or more importantly themselves.

Next season we are planning our trip to be the Florida game because its a game we will win and in year 3 of Stoops I expect to be doing what the Mississippi teams are doing now and come out of nowhere to be a contender. High hopes? WHY NOT?

by Aaron Newton
Noah catwalk


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