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Kentucky Basketball Practice

This 50 second clip will get you pumped and it might wear you out..


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Kentucky Lady Cats Basketball Photo Day Sights and Sounds- VIDEO


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Kentucky Wildcats have the greatest class in 2013(again)…



It’s easy to forget that the University of Kentucky has the greatest class in basketball coming in next season.  It’s also in the conversation for being the best in the history of college basketball.  It’s easy to forget that three talented players are returning from last season with key minutes.  It’s easy to forget nearly every writer has UK pre-season number 1.  Don’t let the decision of one kid diminish this reality.  It’s time to rally around #LaFamilia.  It’s time to do what we do as #KentuckyCrazies and support our team.  We now know our roster.  Nine time is here…  Go Cats!

And now the BEST player in the nation!


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NBA Players from the University of Kentucky Basketball Program


Eric Bledsoe – Los Angeles Clippers
Keith Bogans – Brooklyn Nets
DeMarcus Cousins – Sacramento Kings
Anthony Davis – New Orleans Hornets
Josh Harrellson – Miami Heat
Chuck Hayes – Sacramento Kings
Terrence Jones – Houston Rockets
Enes Kanter – Utah Jazz

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – Charlotte Bobcats
Brandon Knight – Detroit Pistons
Doron Lamb – Milwaukee Bucks
DeAndre Liggins – Oklahoma City Thunder
Jodie Meeks – Los Angeles Lakers
Darius Miller – New Orleans Hornets
Nazr Mohammed – Chicago Bulls
Daniel Orton – Oklahoma City Thunder
Patrick Patterson – Houston Rockets
Tayshaun Prince – Detroit Pistons
Rajon Rondo – Boston Celtics
Marquis Teague – Chicago Bulls
John Wall – Washington Wizards

Now that’s a list of Basketball Talent!  Each one a current NBA player, contributing greatly to his respective team.  Every one of them was a member of a University of Kentucky Basketball team.

University of Kentucky Basketball has a long tradition of NBA talent.NBA_Players_from_the_University_of_Kentucky_Basketball_Program4

So many University of Kentucky Basketball players have gone on to NBA careers that it would be impossible to list them all here.  The Wildcats have been one of the most prolific providers of professional talent to the NBA, standing at number 3 all-time with 91 Draft Picks and 72 Players who played in the NBA at least one season.

Starting with Bob Cluggish in 1947, University of Kentucky Basketball has had a steady stream of both “role” players, as well as its share of standouts.

  • Frank Ramsey (1955-1964)
  • Cliff Hagan (1957 – 1970)
  • Pat riley (1968-1976); also went on to be one of the NBA’s great Coaches and Executives
  • Louie Dampier (1968-1979)
  • Dan Issel (1971-1985); also went on to be one of the NBA’s great Coaches and Executives
  • Sam Bowie (1985-1995)
  • Kenny “Sky” Walker (1987-1995)
  • Rex Chapman (1989-2000)
  • Antoine Walker (1997-2008)

The list above represents some of the more well-known names from UK to go on to the pros.  There are a multitude of others however, many that some fans don’t remember, or never knew about.  For example, did you know that Rob Lock was drafted into the NBA in 1989 alongside Rex Chapman, and played 20 games?  Now true, the “greats” are legendary, but it’s the guys that most of the country never heard about, or took notice of, that make us as University of Kentucky Basketball fans the most nostalgic.

“I wonder what ever happened to that guy?  Man, I loved watching him play.”

Current NBA Players

The list at the top of the page represents the current batch of NBA Wildcats, and there are some great talents in that gene pool.

  • Nazr Mohammed as of this article writing had played 855 NBA games, fourth behind Dan Issel, Louie Dampier and Antoine Walker; and played key roles on several teams.
  • Tayshaun Prince is still a major player for the Detroit Pistons, along with another recent University of Kentucky Basketball draft pick Brandon Knight.
  • Other Wildcat standouts such as Anthony Davis, John Wall, the incomparable Rajon Rondo, are current or potential NBA All-Stars, and will give us much pride and enjoyment for years to come.


Perhaps though, the reason I love the University of Kentucky Basketball NBA players the most, is the continual turn out of not only Basketball Talent, but that ever intangible trait known as “heart”.

  • Eric Bledsoe has a drive to succeed that has made him a valuable member of a potential NBA Championship Clippers team.
  • Guys like Terrence Jones, Patrick Patterson, Josh Harrelson, DeAndre Liggins and Chuck Hayes have been scraping along in the pros, literally, “making” themselves valuable enough to be kept on highly talented and competitive rosters.

But perhaps my personal NBA favorite son from the University of Kentucky Basketball comes in the form of homegrown talent Darius Miller.  This 22 year old Maysville, KY native grew up watching Wildcat Basketball, and dreamed of playing for the Cats one day.  After sticking with a waning program through lean years, his dream was not only realized, but lived to its ultimate end as a National Champion in March of 2012.  Drafted to the Hornets in the 2nd Round of the 2012 NBA Draft, Miller exemplifies the ultimate in “professional” basketball.  Loyalty and hard work forged in fire are what being a great Wildcat is all about.

NBA Players from the University of Kentucky Basketball Program

Since its inception, the NBA has had University of Kentucky Basketball players throughout.  With 13 players winning NBA Championships a total of 18 times, and 10 players named as NBA All-Stars a total of 17 times, it’s obvious that the University of Kentucky Basketball Program is something the NBA is going to need around for as long as it’s around.


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Is UK Basketball the Greatest College Basketball Program Ever?


Is UK Basketball the Greatest College Basketball Program Ever

Jarrod Polson represents the spirit and determination of UK Basketball.

The End

UK Basketball: Greatness is Just the Way it Is!

Well, if I had my way, that’s how long this article would be.  Why, because that’s just the way it is.  Like the immutable laws of physics:

  • gravity accelerates a falling object at 32 ft./sec/sec
  • light travels at 186,000 miles/sec
  • for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
  • UK Basketball is the greatest collegiate basketball program of all time

UK Basketball: Great Players

Now you may think that’s a little biased, but it’s not.  It’s pure scientific fact.

  • If you were to calculate the velocity at which Kenny “Sky” Walker gorilla dunked over John Koncak in the UK vs. SMU game back in the ’84-’85 season, you would see that his arm speed exceeded the reachable limits of physical human capacity.
  • Or if you see Jack “Goose” Givens’ 41 point performance in the 1978 NCAA Championship Game, you would see that it is beyond Observable Logic that anyone could score that many points, with that Is UK Basketball the Greatest College Basketball Program Ever player trippingmuch style.
  • Heck, watch Chuck VerDerber and Brett Bearup in some of their old highlights.  It’s mathematically impossible for men to trip that many times going in for a lay-up in one lifetime.
  • Kyle Macy’s socks were actually from another planet called Ripafreethrownia.  Once he quit playing basketball they mysteriously disintegrated before several witnesses in the locker room.
  • And who can forget Chris Gettelfinger . . . Ok a lot of people forget that Gettelfinger was on the ’78 Championship team, but wasn’t that the coolest basketball name ever.
  • Nazr Mohammed’s buzzer beater back in 1998 against Vandy has been proven to be a Time Warp in which, for every inch the ball gets closer to the basket, time goes backwards a tenth of a second.  Sorry Vandy fans!
  • Then finally, I swear to you that the greatest basketball comeback of all time, the UK vs. LSU game held in Baton Rouge on February 15, 1994 was a direct result of me screaming for them to do so.  I screamed so loud during that whole thing that the landlord threatened to kick out the neighbors because their “kids” were keeping the whole neighborhood up (true story.)

*If you listen carefully to the video , that’s me doing all the screaming.

I mean these UK Basketball guys are “Other Worldly”; but facts are facts.  There are literally countless other supernatural examples of the Magical Wildcats, these are just a few that stood out in my mind.

UK Basketball:  Great Coaches

Look at the coaches we’ve been privileged to have.

Is UK Basketball the Greatest College Basketball Program Ever ruppAdolph Rupp was a basketball deity!  UK Basketball isn’t the same without this “man”. He coached the Wildcats for 41 years, NEVER having a losing season.  His 13-13 season in ’66-’67 was the closest he ever came.  UK Basketball won 4 National Titles with him at the helm.  True he ended up a little behind the times toward the end of his career, but his reign as Coach Supreme is unquestioned.

Joe B. Hall still runs all over the state promoting the Wildcats.  His ambassadorship for UK Basketball was Is UK Basketball the Greatest College Basketball Program Ever joe b hallsealed after he won us another National Title in 1978 with such unforgettable players as:

  • Rick Roby
  • Mike Phillips
  • Jack Givens
  • James Lee
  • Kyle Macy

(As I type these names, I tear up, stand reverently, and face Lexington; as I do 4 times daily.)

Rick Pitino took a broken program and gave us a National Title in ’96.  Sure he’s at the other school now, but Lucifer was reportedly beautiful before he was cast into Hell also.  It was also Rick’s recruiting class that won the Title again in ’98 under Tubby Smith.

Is UK Basketball the Greatest College Basketball Program Ever callipariJohn Callipari!  What can you say, Coach Cal gets UK Basketball.  He understands what we’re trying to do here with our basketball program, and he diligently recruits the best to get that done.  With Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist he had to go off planet, but hey you can’t argue with the results.

UK Basketball:  The Greatest Program

Oh yeah, I said it!  UK Basketball is the greatest collegiate basketball program in the world; heck greatest program at any level.  Steeped in tradition and rich in heritage, The Wildcats are an indwelling of collective consciousness for most people in the state of Kentucky.  And the proof that UK Basketball is the Greatest College Program Ever lies with those same fans; how do we know it’s the greatest?  Just ask us!

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