ESPN 30 for 30: John Calipari – One and Not Done



Release Date: May 30, 2017

Total Running Time Approx. 101 Minutes and Includes Bonus Director’s Statements

This is a must fan for all John Calipari and college basketball fans.

Who is John Calipari? To his devotees, he is one of college basketball’s greatest coaches. To his detractors, he represents everything wrong with college sports. Somewhere in between lies one of the most compelling and complicated figures in American sports. “One and Not Done” chronicles the life of Calipari – from high school point guard, to dominating UMass coach, to king of Kentucky. A man who has not only altered the college basketball landscape and become the face of the so-called “One and Done” phenomenon, but has also had two Final Four appearances vacated and evolved as a coach who at one point had to rebuild his career.


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