New Book Release “Tarnished Heels” Chronicles UNC Tarnished Program


This billboard advertises the new book about the demised reputation of the UNC athletic program.

Here is the description of the book from Amazon:

“Tarnished Heels chronicles the numerous events that have affected the University of North Carolina and seriously brought into question what was once a sterling reputation, both athletically and academically. From the time that knowledge of controversial actions first emerged publicly in 2010, a number of transgressions, events, and discoveries would redefine what was known as The Carolina Way. Players, coaches, faculty, and university leaders all played roles in the scandals, and in many cases appeared complicit. The uncovered issues were staggering; Football coaches were also deemed to be working with NFL agents. Players received cash payments, travel expenses, and impermissible academic help. A sports agent was hired to teach a class at the university. A parent of a basketball All-American was hired as a university employee. Hundreds of fraudulent classes were discovered, countless basketball and football players were enrolled in them, and dozens of grades were forged and changed without permission. Basketball players received impermissible benefits from a convicted felon, who was also directly connected to UNC alumni.”

You can click and order the book here.

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