Jodie Meeks goes back to school

Jodie Meeks

UK’s single game scoring leader, Jodie Meeks, is using his summer wisely by taking classes in Lexington.  Putting up 54 on UT was a no-brainer for Meeks and finding his way back into the classroom shows he still wants to score on you.  This will not make Bobby Knight happy.  Maybe Knight should stick to trying to figure out what the shot clock is all about this summer.  “That 17.3 was up there and the zero was on the bottom.  I don’t know what that meant.” – Bobby Knight baffled by numbers during the Vanderbilt game.  Anyway, props to Meeks for getting back to class and doing the right thing.

Here’s a video about Meeks getting back to UK this summer.  54 on UT, that was awesome.


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