Happy New Year From KentuckyCrazies.com 2015 #BBN


Dear #BBN and Kentucky Crazies,

We want to take this moment to thank you for helping our “blip on the radar” KentuckyCrazies.com brand and blog grow over our first full year that we’ve had most pieces in place. Our purpose is to focus on the fans, present video and blog posts, produce entertaining podcasts, and grow as #BBN grows. We wouldn’t be here with YOU #BBN and we thank you! We have some exciting plans for the new year including some new products, production ideas and new ways that we will connect with the #BBN community. We hope you and your families have an awesome NYE celebration and that you all have a blessed 2015! As we move forward, enjoy the journey and embrace your Blue Blood that leads to all of our crazy-ness! As Coach Cal says, “You people are CrAzY!!!”… The journey continues…

Don’t forget to help support us by picking up a DVD or an exclusive shirt from our TEAM SHOP! Go Cats!

Proud Member of #BBN,





Here are some videos to look back at a great year!

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