Faqs / How do I add (pin) a picture I found on the Internet?

So you’d like to add (pin) a picture that you found on the Internet?

Crazy Cool! Here’s how…

If you haven’t already, sign up for an Account, and make sure you are logged in to your account.

Now, let’s get to pinning (adding) a picture.

Go to http://KentuckyCrazies.com and click “Add” located in the upper right hand corner. Kentucky Crazies Pinning
Click “Add a Pin”. Kentucky Crazies Pinning From the Internet
Paste the website link into this box.Click “Find Images to Pin.” Kentucky Crazies Pinning From Internet Dialog
Use the Next button (shown with the black arrow) to cycle through the available images.Select a board (or create a new board).Describe your pin (image) in as little or as much detail.

Finally, click “Pin It.”

Kentucky Crazies Pinning From Internet Dialog 2

TIP: Not seeing any images after you click “Find Images to Pin?” Not all websites allow images to be pinned. Please try another website.

Don’t forget to use the “Next” button to cycle through the images to find the one that you wish to pin.

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