What is KentuckyCrazies.com and How Do I Use It?

What is KentuckyCrazies.com?

When you have something important at work or home that you want to remember or share with others, you often stick a note or picture to a pinboard.

KentuckyCrazies.com is a virtual pinboard where you can share your love and excitement for all things Kentucky Wildcat related!

How Do I Use It?

If you haven’t already, sign up for an Account, and make sure you are logged in to your account.

Next, click the link that fits you…

I want to pin an image I found at an online website.

I want to pin an image from my computer or phone.

I want to pin a video I found at an online website like Youtube.

I want to pin a video I have on my computer or phone.


What is a Pin?

According to WikiPedia…Kentucky Crazies Pushpin Blue

A pushpin is a “short nail or pin with a circular, sometimes domed, head, used to fasten items such as documents to a wall or board for display.”

We use them to hold things like pictures and calendars and much more to a board.

At KentuckyCrazies.com, a pin is like a virtual pushpin, letting you pin your pictures and videos to collections (boards) you create.

You can also follow other people and the collections they create.


What is a Board?

A board is a collection of pins.

Example of different types of boards you might have:

  • Cool Wildcat Stuff
  • Games I Have Gone To
  • Game Day Trip Pictures


What Is Repinning?

Repinning let’s you add a picture or video you find on KentuckyCrazies.com to your collection (board).


Let’s pretend you have a collection (board) called “Those Crazy Wildcat Fans!”

Then while surfing KentuckyCrazies.com you find a picture or video that you’d love to pin to your board.

Simply hover your mouse over the picture and click “repin”.

You’ll then be prompted to select which collection (board) or to create a new collection.