Duke vs. UCONN Having Hard Time Filling Stadium, Using Groupon


The Sporting News has pointed out that Duke vs. UCONN resorted to Groupon to try and pack the seats for their game this week.

“The online discount retailer was offering upper-level seats for less than half their $80 pricetag, allowing each fan to buy up to eight tickets. According to Groupon, roughly 80 people purchased tickets for Thursday’s game on their website.”

The defending National Champs and the proverbial media darlings don’t have fan bases that travel.

The Sporting News continues:

“How these two teams can’t scrape together 19,000 fans for a game just outside the New York City metro area — this is the defending national champions and the current No. 2 team in the country we’re talking about here— literally boggles my mind.

Certainly part of the reason could be that it’s a Thursday night game a week before Christmas. But Duke supposedly has almost 11,000 alumni in the Big Apple…”

We all know no one travels like #BBN, but, this is laughable considering the propaganda spewed about the Blue Devils, and UCONN has become a more recent media darling considering ESPN is in their backyard.

The next time someone boasts about Duke having the best fan base(or UCONN) show them this story.


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