“Duke Gets All The Calls” Breakdown By the Numbers

Duke is Silver Spooned U.

We hear it every season from fans across the country of college basketball and sports fans in general, “Duke gets all of the calls.”

2017-2018 FT differentials UPDATED:

Duke once again on pace to outdo everyone with a massive Free Throw differential, and it continues to not even be close. They are treated differently than everyone else by the NCAA/Officials.

Duke- 234

Opp- 141

Kentucky – 154

Opp- 115

Michigan State – 117

Opp- 121

Kansas- 85

Opp- 87

Notre Dame(former Duke assistant)- 125

Opp- 62

UNC- 134

Opp- 92

Texas A&M- 108

Opp- 114

Does Duke play so differently that these numbers can be justified? Do they play a style so extremely different that these numbers can be explained away as a “style of play” issue?

Or is it simply, “Duke gets all of the calls”, as fans from across the nation has said for decades.

OK, so that it’s not just some UK fan ranting. Let’s look at some other numbers.

Here are some numbers from the past 3 seasons:

Duke has a whopping 772 free throw advantage the last 3 seasons.

Villanova is the closest to Duke of the top programs with a 568 ft advantage during this time frame.

Kentucky has a 442 free throw advantage.

Kansas had a 290 ft advantage compared to the 772 ft advantage of Duke


UNC with a 242 ft advantage compared to the 772 advantage of Duke

UNC shot 1997 3’s during that three season time frame, 408 fewer than Duke


Michigan State’s opponents shot 226 MORE than Michigan State during that time frame

Wichita State had a ft advantage of 191 during the past 3 seasons

Louisville had a 44 ft advantage

This isn’t about Kentucky, this is about the nation. No one gets the ft advantage of Duke, and it’s not even close.

What is the moral of the story? Is it that flopping DOES pay off? Is it that wearing a certain jersey truly dictates when and how many times the whistle is blown?

It’s become part of the college season from coast to coast to say, “Duke gets all of the calls”.

Well, the numbers above point to the reality that there’s more to this than just crazy college fans hating on Duke. It looks like there’s actually something to it…

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