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PODCAST 37: Will Marshall from Sea of Blue, UK Hoops, and a contest to win 3 great prizes



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2015 “Man Cave” Kentucky Football Schedule and T-Shirt Giveaway Giveaway

Do you want to win an 18 inch by 12 inch “man cave” full size 2015 Kentucky Football Schedule and a t-shirt from our Team Shop?

Of course you do!

Football season is here and what better way to look up from your ice cold beer to see who we play next and when than to look at your own #UpForWhatever schedule!

The exclusive “Crazy Never Looked This Good.” t-shirt is perfect for game day or wearing the stands for that made for TV crazy cat fan moment!

It’s simple. Fill out the form below. Name and email address. That’s it! No, we won’t give your email address to any dirty Louisville fan or anyone else for that matter, but, we WILL sign you up for the giveaway and we will be sending you email updates along the way. So, go ahead, ENTER BELOW TO WIN! (Deadline to enter is 9/12/2015, winner will be picked at random)


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Lori Mills Is The Contest Winner On Kentucky Crazies!

Thank you for all of the submissions to our contest to win an autographed book by Derek Anderson and a “Kentucky Crazies” T-Shirt!

We asked for a paragraph or two on what makes you such a great fan, it was tough, but, we decided to go with Lori’s entry.

Have no fear, more contests are coming soon and YOU could be a winner, like Lori!

Congrats Lori!

Here is what she sent with the attached photo.  Special thanks to Derek Anderson for helping us out on this contest.  Don’t forget to pick up his book here when you get the chance, it’s well worth it!

Take it away Lori!

“I have been a CATS fan all of my life. I haven’t been to Rupp Arena that many times but I never miss a game on TV. I always sit in the same spot every game day unless it’s something drastic keeping me from it. I live for Kentucky Basketball, truly. I count down the days from when one season ends until the next one begins. I bleed blue and there’s never gonna be anything to change that. The excitement of meets players is beyond belief, I try and go to every signing that I can.
I think I should win this book because I am a die hard Kentucky fan(of course there’s many more like me) but I just don’t have the money to buy it right now. I met in back in July but couldn’t get his book then. He’s a really great guy and I know his story would be a great one for me to read. I know I loved Twany’s book very much when I read his.
Thanks. Lori”
You can find Lori on twitter @lori_mills

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Kentucky Crazies Crazy Fan Contest!

UK Basketball Tickets for Sale the end zone

What is your Kentucky Crazies story?!!

As Coach Cal often says with amazed affection, “You people are crazzzzzzeeeeeeeeeee…” OK fans, it’s time to share your story in a paragraph or two.  It can about anything you have done to show your Big Blue fandom! Craziest thing you’ve done for a ticket?  Craziest thing you’ve done to watch a game?  Do you have superstitions you HAVE to do on game day?  What about a room you’ve decorated in Big Blue Madness?  Let’s keep this real, nothing made up(don’t pull a Pitino and lie about it) and let us know your story.  A picture is a MUST of yourself, be creative.  Please send all submissions to Update: Deadline for submissions is September 6, 2013.  The top 3 submissions will be featured on and the winner will be voted upon by the fans! Include the following:

  • A picture of yourself showing your “Kentucky Crazy”
  • A paragraph or two about your love of the Cats(keep it PG please)
  • Why you think you are deserving to be the winner…

Winner will receive an official t-shirt and a copy of an autographed book, “Stamina”,from UK legend Derek Anderson!!!DA

Get busy, get those submissions in and see if you are one of the three finalists! Send your submission to: Go Cats!!!


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