9 Takeaways From Big Blue Madness – 2015-2016


When we started this blog one of our early blogs that got good numbers in terms of hits was a review of the 2013-2014 Big Blue Madness. I feel like some things were spot on, some weren’t. So, here’s a review of the 2015-2016 edition of the Big Blue Madness.

  1. #LaFamilia – John Calipari is all about family. Every aspect of his life including business, basketball, and play all come back to remembering others and including family. If you are a player, an ex-player, you are family. From bringing his wife, Ellen, on to the court to giving hugs to Willie Cauley-Stein, Demarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis, to bringing Louie Dampier on the court. It’s all in the family. #LaFamilia.
  2. Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray are going to be scoring and creating machines. Briscoe will be a beast by late January. His skill sets are raw and will be one of Calipari’s projects to transform. It will be fun to watch.
  3. Isaac Humphries is Josh Harrellson “Jorts” 2.0. Bigger. And further along in his offense at this stage. And he’s only 17. I like his want to, his effort and his court awareness. Remember how people tell you Cal can’t coach or develop players? Watch Isaac develop. Cal will create another lottery pick.
  4. Skal Labissiere has #1 pick skills. He’s going to have to get more physical. But, it’s all there. His offense is ahead of Anthony Davis at this stage of their games and his court awareness is close. Skal is going to get big buckets late in games when we need them. He will be at the line a lot once Cal teaches him how to attack more.
  5. Charles Matthews will play more than people think. Cal loves guys with his athletic ability. He will be a defensive stopper and looks to have a smooth stroke and can jump out of Rupp. He’s another guy to watch and have fun seeing him develop.
  6. Mychal Mulder seems to be a step slow on defense, but, has great court awareness in the open court and looks to have a nice form on his shot. Maybe a little nervous tonight, I would be too.
  7. Alex Poythress still looks unsure and not confident going 100%. That’s OK. It’s 10/16/15. Great seeing him back on the court. For us to be special, Alex has to rise like only he can.
  8. Marcus Lee is Willie-like in his skill set. I’m hoping he can bring a sustained effort in the areas where we miss Willie, Karl Anthony-Towns, Trey Lyles and Dakari Johnson. A lot to ask of Marcus, but, having his shot blocking and rebounding will be crucial moving forward.
  9. Folks that taunt us and say last year was a failure. Did they raise a Final Four Banner tonight? Also, the floor video montage was simply amazing. If the recruits in the house tonight weren’t impressed, well, good luck. I’m thinking they were, so, welcome to #BBN! Oh, and Coach Matthew Mitchell is the coolest coach ever. Another great performance here

Go Big Blue!!! You people are crazy!!!

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