2016-17 NCAA Men’s Basketball Pre-season Rules Review – VIDEO

Complete Review for the 2016-2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Season

Just last season, we at Kentucky Crazies presented a simple solution that could help the NCAA basketball officials call the game more fairly.

You can check out the video here.

The NCAA has decided to do a video showing rule changes that are coming up for the 2016-2017 season.

Not listed in the video are the following rule changes:

  • Grayson Allen will be awarded 4 free throws to start each game. Because he’s the silver-spooned Duke player that will get at least 4 free throws a game because of his Duke jersey. So, instead of waiting, he will start the game with those 4 free throws
  • Louisville escorts will be allowed to stay in the locker room after games so that the student athletes won’t have to clean up in the dorms on a regular basis. Especially the ceiling.
  • North Carolina players won’t have to actually register for the classes they don’t have to officially take
  • Coach K is allowed as many “F-bombs” as needed to further help his team while they flop and act deserving of better treatment
  • Indiana fans are allowed to rush the court and act only second worse to UCONN fans during the course of the season
  • Some players are allowed to slam the ball on the floor at will while others will be given a T for the same actions
  • Doug Sirmons will be allowed to further hurt the Cats as they make their way to another final 4
  • Pat Adams will still make a final 4 despite being the worst official in all of college basketball

J.D. Collins, NCAA national coordinator of men’s basketball officials, clarifies and provides examples of other rules and points of emphasis for this coming season.

The rules in the video will be emphasized greatly at the start of the year, often times hurting the flow of the game as the players get adjusted. Once conference play begin, the officials will again allow physical play and will stop blowing the whistle so that advertisers can get their commercials in properly. Thi$ is key for the NCAA and their promotion of the student athlete$.

The shear nature of this video is not unlike government training videos for proper behavior in social settings. The changes only end up applying to those they choose and at certain times of the game or season.

But, at any rate, here are the changes that will be coming at least for the first part of the year.

Should be interesting to see what teams the rules will be applied to and for how long.

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